PTA Council Officers and Chairpersons 2020 - 2021

Council Officers

+ indicated elected member

* indicated voting member

President:  Gabrielle Cohen +* 

  Leadership Chair:  Claudia Seizer *

  Legislation Committee Chair:  Casper Casparian *

  Summer Adventure Chair:  John Jericiau *


Executive Vice President:  Cat Wray +*


1st Vice President Communications:  Erin Inatsugu +*


2nd Vice President Organization:  Katherine Caulfield Newall +*

  Membership Chair:  Area Kramarsky *

  Hospitality Chair:  OPEN *


3rd Vice President Health & Safety:  Nancy Wu +*


4th Vice President Education:  Sabine Werk +*

  Reflections Chair:  April Fields *


5th Vice President Community Concerns:  Patti Braun +*


Recording Secretary:  Leslie Tucker +*

Corresponding Secretary:  Patti Zortman *

Treasurer:  Diana Oliver +*

Financial Secretary:  Rebecca Terlizzi +*

Auditor:  Alisa Stewart +*

Historian:  Julie Pearl Slater +*

Parliamentarian:  TBD *

SMMUSD Superintendent:  Dr. Ben Drati *

Allied Organization Liaisons to Council

District English Learners Advisory Comittee (DELAC):  Lupe Ibarra-Smith

Board of Education Liaison (Board President):  Jon Kean

Board of Education Liaison (Board Vice President):  Laurie Lieberman

Santa Monica-Malibu Classroom Teachers:  Sarah Braff

Classified Employees (SEIU):  Chris Mock

City of Malibu:  Skylar Peak

City of Santa Monica:  Julie Rusk

Santa Monica Education Foundation:  Linda Greenberg

Santa Monica Education Foundation:  Rachel Faulkner

League of Women Voters of Santa Monica (LWVSM):  Barbara Inatsugu

Community for Excellent Public Schools (CEPS):  Shari Davis

Santa Monica College:  Louise Jaffe

Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Liaison:  Gail Pinsker

Early Childhood Task Force:  TBD


Council Support

President Emeritus: Claudia Seizer

Legislation Committee Consultant: Barbara Inatsugu

Council Officer Responsibilities

Communications (1st VP)
  Communication Committee

     Council Directory
  Unit Directories
  Procedure Books
  State PTA Convention
  Website & Social Media Updates

Organization (2nd VP)
  Hospitality Oversight
  Holiday Breakfast
  Honorary Service Awards
  Installation Brunch/HSA

Health and Safety (3rd VP)
  Bike It Day
  Child/Family Health & Welfare
  Child Care
  Disaster Preparedness
  Nurse's Day Recognition
  Red Ribbon Week (Substance Abuse Education)
  Safe Routes to School

Education (4th VP)
  GATE/Gifted Education
  Music Education
  Parent Education

Community Concerns (5th VP)
  Community Backpack Program
     Dialogue on Race

     Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity (DEI)
  Environmental Concerns
  Student/Pedestrian Safety
  Youth Violence Prevention

Council Executive Board Checklist - click to download