One of the most important roles of California State PTA is to create and support laws that improve the lives of all California children. 

You have the power to shape the future for the children of California by helping to ensure that everyone in your community is counted in the 2020 Census.


How exactly does the census impact education and schools? The census count determines the next 10 years’ worth of funds that your community’s schools will receive for special education, classroom technology, teacher training, after-school programs, school lunch assistance, and so on. If your child is in second grade now, the census count will have an impact on her education until she graduates from high school! Click here to go to the U.S. Census website.

Legislative Alerts & Updates

Stay up to date on the latest legislation affecting children and families on our California State PTA website at:

Local Advocacy


SMMPTA and its member unit have worked with local organizations to ensure local funding for our schools through such measures as GS/GSH, SMS, Y/YY, ES and others.

2020-2021 PTA Legislative Advocacy Events


33rd District's 2021 Legislation Conference 

CA State PTA 2021 Legislation Conference - Sacramento

Sacramento Safari 2021 

For further information or to RSVP, contact Legislative Advocacy Chair


SMMUSD School Board


The seven-member Board of Education is the elected decision-making body for our school district. They hold regular meetings throughout the year. These meetings are open to the public and attending them is a great way to be involved.

Click here for the schedule and agendas for Board of Education meetings.

You can also keep current on Board of Education happenings by reading the regularly-published Board Notes.

Contacting the School Board

You can contact the entire Board of Education at or via their individual email addresses:

Keith Coleman:

Craig Foster:

Jon Kean (President):

Maria Leon-Vazquez:

Laurie Lieberman (Vice President):

Jennifer Smith:

Dr. Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein: